Running a business and achieving business success can be challenging in normal times. But during a pandemic, everything you thought you knew has probably gone out the window. A move to more digital business practices, less face-to-face interaction, and an obsession with touchless everything means your brand needs to change to keep up.

Check out these ten tips from Studio Z on achieving business success, so your company can ride out the pandemic – and come out stronger on the other side.

10 Ways to Achieve Business Success

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Organize Your Business Model

While business is slow (or closed altogether), it’s an excellent time to start tackling all the items on your organizational to-do list.

  • Seek expert help aligning your finances with your business goals.
  • Tackle all the administrative tasks you’ve been avoiding – like forming an LLC.
  • Consider returning to school for a formal education – less than half of business owners have a degree.

Address Financial Barriers

A cash-strapped business has lower chances of surviving a closure, no matter how short the shutdown. Address financial barriers with these money moves.

  • Find creative ways to cut costs and reduce the expenses in your daily operations.
  • Look into tax relief and other disaster financial assistance for your business.
  • Determine whether having full-time staff or freelancers is more affordable for your company model.

Take a More Dynamic Approach

If your business was same-old, same-old pre-pandemic, think about taking a more dynamic approach to your working model.

  • Try innovative ideas for adapting to the coronavirus economy.
  • Embrace new – and virtual – trends like photo booths through Studio Z.
  • Get active in new ways, like live-streaming events and centering your efforts on social media.
  • Explore pandemic pivots like experiential marketing and strategic

Helping your business survive the coronavirus economy sounds like a tall order. But there are plenty of strategies for preserving and even growing your company during the shutdown – and these ten tips are a solid start.

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