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15 Camera Array with LED Lighting in new york city

Strike a Pose – but keep it moving. Maybe you want to show off your cheeky side – or your cheeks! Why should you settle for a boring one-dimensional photo when you can do a 180 degree animation and wow everyone with the results of all those pandemic squats? Hey, we all love a tushy view!

Though a photo is often called superficial, our Studio Z camera array tech dives so deep into your look you’ll swear it’s virtual reality. We bring 3D into a whole new plane of reality. 

Grab your guests at your next event and give them something to create the experience of a next-century marvel. Our services offer a thrilling, elevated experience for your guests and your brand. 

We stand out because we are inspired by artists and view every photo as a work of art. Images can move your soul, so why not bring some legendary photos to your event or party?

Our approach to your event is to offer a dash of  whimsy with a bit of awe. Your guests will NEVER forget their experiences having their animated photos taken in shockingly new ways.

We will seamlessly add your brand to our exquisite creations so your impact will be intensely powerful. Our mission is to deliver an experiential visual happening at your party or activation that guests will remember forever.  

We are the disrupter of every single photo booth picture you remember. Your brand will be the talk of the town. Our output is instant and in real time, because so is social media. 

Here’s how it works.

  • You don’t need a large space. We have reinvented the wheel when it comes to scaling your photo events.
  • Our array GIF animations are one-of-a-kind unique creations of art. No one will have ever experienced anything like it.
  • Our artists will design specific photo experiences for your brand activation or themed event. 
  • With our original artistic vision, your guests will be swept up in an experiential animated photo that they’ve never dreamed of in their waking lives.
  • All of our array outputs are available in real-time, moments after capture, instantly shared, and also shared in a gallery we build just for your usage.
  • Don’t be surprised if your party makes the news, since the mind-blowing effects of our cameras in our artists’ hands will be gallery worthy.

There is no cookie cutter mentality allowed in our company. 

What we serve you are dreams made real, specifically created by masters of illusion and perfectos of messaging.

We’re changing the word ‘photo booth’ in Google. Our living and moving photos capture the essence of every guest and the glee they experience as they enjoy our artistic ride.

Join us in this technological journey that will take you away from a flat image earth to that of the round, voluptuous world of photos that are truly alive!

Ready to brand your events or parties with an experience where your guests are the art? Look no further.

Studio Z. We make dreams come true that you never knew you had!

Fully brandable and instant sharing to email and social media.


Camera Array GIF with two women posing for ASUS in front of the Las Vegas Skyline
Bullet Time camera array GIF of a man at a hot dog stand and a woman wearing a hot dog costume
Time Slice image of couple posing with a Screen Vision award
A woman jumps and is frozen in a 3D Animated GIFe as confetti floats around her
Bullet time camera array GIF of a beauty queen jumping in the air while holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the Sirius XM Photo Booth at the Super Bowl in Minnesota
A camera array GIF with a woman and man on a bunk bed and having a pillow fight.
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Boomarray Rig at the Beach

Looking for a simpler solution, but with the same effect as our multi-camera array. Check our our Boomarray! It’s perfect for outdoor events, locations with limited space and doesn’t require access to electric for operation.

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