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3D Headshots & Selfies

Studio Z selfie headshot camera array

The Studio Z Selfie Array is the 2021 spin on headshots and camera arrays merged into one awesome footprint. Small enough to fit in the corner at most venues, the Selfie Array creates an unusual alternative to photo booths. Your guests have never seen anything like this before. Eight cameras create a 3D headshot of your guest or small group. Instantly branded and shared, your guests will want this on their Instagram or LinkedIn profile to create that extra eye catching addition to their profile.

Use with or without a backdrop, this Selfie Array can be used indoors or outside (with access to power). Custom back drops help make your output stand out and the built in lighting will make everyone look flawless. This system is well suited to themed corporate parties and marketing activations. Our selfie array is perfect for any event, small to large, that is looking a non-traditional photo booth that is on trend.

Looking for a more traditional camera array? We got you covered.

man uses selfie array with custom backdrop
woman uses headshot array at event
2 men use selfie array at a conference in las vegas
girl uses selfie camera array by studio z
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