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Cinema Robotic Camera Technology

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Red carpet ready, or maybe you want to recreate your favorite music video's style or showcase a product launch in a unique style. Bring the 'wow' factor to your next event or activation that will have guests watching, talking about, and posting to social media about for days.

The Studio Z Glambot robotic cinema arm is more than just a photo booth. It's a high end video production utalizing the best tech the industry has to offer. The Glambot outputs in full HD, with added effects, music, lighting, slow motion and more to give your experience a fully bespoke output.

Grab your guests at your next event and give them something to create the experience of a next-century marvel. Our services offer a thrilling, elevated experience for your guests and your brand.

We are the disrupter of every single photo booth picture you remember. Your brand will be the talk of the town. Our output is instant and in real time, because so is social media.

Here’s how it works.

  • You don’t need a large space. We have reinvented the wheel when it comes to scaling your video events.
  • Our Glambot outputs are fully customized to your needs. We can do various move with straight video, or a super fast single move in slow motion to create an epic output guests only think celebrities get the honor of creating.
  • Our cinematorgraphers will design specific video experiences for your brand activation or themed event.
  • With our original artistic vision, your guests will be swept up in an experiential animated video that they’ve never dreamed of in their waking lives.
  • All of our Glambot outputs are available in real-time, seconds after capture, instantly shared, and also shared in a gallery we build just for your usage.
  • Don’t be surprised if your party goes viral, these videos will be the talk of the event for days and weeks to come.
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