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A retro audio guestbook to capture memorable events. Available Nationwide.

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Audio Guest Book

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At The Beep is the perfect way to capture all of the heartfelt messages from your loved ones on your big day! This Audio Guest Book is disguised as a cute, retro phone, and it’s so easy to use. Just pick up the phone, wait for the beep, and leave your message! It’s that simple.

Guests can leave voice messages all night long, and At The Beep can be placed anywhere you want, as it’s run off of an extended battery. Audio clips are auto converted into a shareable video that can easily be posted to Instagram or other social media platforms. From heartfelt messages to late night ramblings, At The Beep is the 2022 audio guestbook you need for your next event or special occasion.

At The Beep is a mail order service (or an add on to any of our photo booths!). Just let us know your date and location, we will ship it to you ahead of your event. Use it as much as you want, and then drop it back off at your local UPS with a provided return label. Upon receipt back at our offices, we will deliver all your guestbook messages within a day!

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What’s Included:

  • 4 Day Rental
  • Return shipping
  • Setup instructions
  • Unlimited guest voicemails
  • Batteries and charger


Please leave your message At the Beep! Our clever little phone is a brilliant way for guests to leave you a personal message at your wedding or party. Have a listen...

At the beep audio guest book

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