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A Browser Based Online Virtual Photo Booth

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In this unusual age, where in-person events are taking a backseat to respect for human life, the world has quickly shifted to meet the online needs for social interaction. And, we are rising to the occasion with our virtual photo booth to help bring people together, in the virtual sense, to celebrate important milestones, support community wide-campaigns, plan online conferences and toast each other through Zoom Happy Hours. When a physical photo booth is not possible, bringing the photo booth online is the next best step.

  • Entirely browser based, photos can be captured with any device, anywhere Internet service is available.
  • No app installations required
  • Fully branded experience that is 100% whitelabeled to your brand
  • Capture Still Photos, Multi-Photo GIF & Boomerang GIF
  • AI Background Removal available for Still Photos & Multi-Photo GIFs
  • Online Gallery & Microsite available with Direct Social Sharing Options to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & WhatsApp
  • Studio or Client-side Moderation Suite
  • Contest Mode with Digital Gift Box
  • Digital Mosaic
  • Custom Surveys & Data Capture
  • Collect Email Address, measure real-time usage and sharing with Google Analytics
  • Custom Coded Projects
  • Fully Scalable for small local events or nationwide and even worldwide campaigns
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Features & Options

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Capture on Any Device

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Still Photos

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Virtual Photo Booth - AI Background Removal

AI Background Removal

Virtual Photo Booth - Post Event Prints

Digital Mosaic

Virtual Photo Booth - Contest Mode

Digital Gift Box Contest Mode

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Data Capture & Analytics

Fully Embeddable

Our virtual photo booth is not only fully branded to your specifications, but embeddable into your platform of choice for a seamless event experience. Try our demo branded experience below


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We wanted to share a fully detailed guide to virtual photo booths with you. Read on to learn all about how they can boost your corporate events in these challenging times.

Change doesn’t come easy. Most often, evolution is a method of survival – not the product of a lazy Sunday afternoon. And yet, as much tension and turmoil as change can bring, it can also usher in welcome new shifts that make you wonder how you ever functioned otherwise. 

The virtual photo booth is one such example. Although this revolutionary digital experience began prior to COVID, it’s shown its true value as the world shut down – and now it’s here to stay. As the need for social distancing and respect for human life surpasses our desire to meet in person, individuals are still desperate for connection, familiarity, and celebration. The virtual photo booth has graciously bridge that gap. No matter how we move forward, we’re positive that the virtual photo booth experience isn’t going anywhere. Our online photo booth can service any city or country world wide, from Los Angeles to Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Asia, etc….throw a dart at the map and we have you covered!

Let’s take a step back. What is the point of a photo booth, after all? To commemorate, to celebrate, to recognize a moment and make it a memory. The true spirit of the photo booth, once contained within cramped boxes at the fair, and then again with open-air setups at weddings and festivities, lives on in this digital experience. We’ll guide you through exactly how it works and what you can expect below. If you’d rather skip straight to a demo, go ahead and try it out!

Virtual Photo Booth - Brandable

What is a virtual photo booth?

For decades, a photo booth has offered its guests the opportunity to take one (or multiple) snapshots that can then be printed out or shared via a digital file. The same holds true with a virtual photo booth: by bringing the photo booth online, guests will take photos, have those images placed on a pre-selected layout, and receive their templated images in the form of a digital proof. The only difference here is that the camera isn’t at a crowded event or festival, but in the lens of their device, bringing the photo booth online. Regardless of whether or not guests are at the same physical location, dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people can capture their experience of a shared moment in time. Whether used for personal celebrations or business-based conventions, the virtual photo booth has a role at every event.

How do you have a photo booth online?

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. To begin, it’s browser-based, meaning your guests don’t have to download any apps or clog up space on their devices. Rather, guests will visit a link (customized to your specifications) to access the photo booth online on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. We can also provide a branded QR code for guests to scan with their smartphone camera to access the virtual photo booth as well.

Guess will then go through the process of selecting their experience (how many photos to take) and what kind of template or overlay they would like placed around or on top of their images. As the host of the event and virtual photo booth, you’ll be able to customize exactly what your guests see and experience, as well as the options available to them. Custom templates ensure that the experience is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Now for the fun part: guests will snap their photo! Depending on the options that you provide, users will be able to choose a single photo, where messy laundry and dirty dishes in the background can be replaced with fun backgrounds using our state-of-the-art AI. Three-photo GIFs show a series of images in one convenient frame, while boomerangs will loop a short video back and forth for guests. 

Next, guests will input their email addresses to receive the finalized images. This is also the component that companies will love: you can easily incorporate a handful of brief questions for your guests to respond to. These questions and surveys will provide you with invaluable feedback and data from your attendees. Such analytics can be used for numerous purposes across your organization and doesn’t trouble or inconvenience the guest at all. We’ve also got some tastefully integrated competition options that allow the social media savvy to really drive impressions as they share their images. 

Finally, their inbox dings, and there it is: their snapshot! To tack on even more brownie points, we’d be happy to help you send home printed images to those guests that selected single-image designs. Even without physically attending, guests can still have a sweet keepsake from the event.

Why virtual event photos?

Although the virtual photo booth may never completely stand in for the experience of holding your loved ones close or embracing in front of the camera in-person, here at Studio Z, we are honored to provide you with an opportunity to celebrate life as fully as we can. With much of the future of in person events up in the air, it’s difficult to speak with confidence regarding when things will open up, or how. Regardless of what is officially recommended and allowed, we know that some will be unwilling or unable to participate in large gatherings in the same way they once did.

Our virtual photo booth gives all a chance to step into the sweet moments of life – from engagements to weddings to baby showers to birthday parties. It also allows you to reach more corporate guests than you may have been able to before – it’s something everyone can participate in, regardless of their digital savviness or immune health. With showstopping features like mosaic integration, where the images you capture are put together into a beautiful mosaic along with others, your digital guests are still getting an ultra-premium experience from the comfort of their own homes.

Are we anxious to get back to physical photo booths? Yes. Do we desperately want to celebrate and connect in person again? Without a doubt. But in this moment, by bringing the photo booth online, we can still live and love – and mark our moment in history by encapsulating it in an image. Use the virtual photo booth to do it.

Virtual photo booth demo of AI Background removal
final mosaic from rodan + fields virtual convention

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