Micro Wedding

Times are tough, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to organize a beautiful micro wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many grooms have decided to go ahead with their wedding plans, even under these circumstances, knowing that even if it is different, the wedding can still be memorable.

An at-home micro wedding is a great alternative since it allows for a more intimate, social-distanced celebration. Plus, it’s an excellent option for couples that prefer to spend on their honeymoon, home, or are merely looking for a budget-friendly wedding.


We know that deciding on a budget can be a real headache, but it is essential to plan. Some things to consider are the number of guests. A micro wedding is usually no more than 50 guests. Guest amount directly affects the cost of furniture, seating, and food catering. You should also consider the cost of the groom’s suit and the wedding dress, accessories, key caterers (like photography and music) and decoration.


Tables and chairs will most likely be what will take up most of the space. You can opt for a long rectangular table that sits all of your guests, providing an intimate atmosphere and everyone to interact with each other since everyone’s technically sitting together. You can also go for tall tables with no chairs for guests to support their food on. This is more casual and less expensive. You can also consider the dessert table, food and cocktail tables, and the welcome table with the signature book.


The good thing about celebrating your wedding at home is that you can customize it as much as you want. You can opt for a caterer or even homemade meals. An excellent and very modern option is opting for a food truck. Not only is this usually less expensive, but you can also find some very unique opportunities. If you have space for a grill, you can plan a barbecue for your guests, delicious and mindful of any budget, no matter how small.


You have the option to hire a DJ booth, band, or even just renting a sound system and playing your curated playlist. If you have plenty of flat surfaces, a dance floor could kick things up a notch.


If you choose to invest in one major thing for your event, go for memories, photographers, and videographers. Photo booths are also a great option and incredible entertainment for all of your guests to enjoy. Now you can find booths with slow motion, boomerang, and even 360 photo booth options, all with the greatest high-end studio quality. This doubles up as a souvenir for your guests to take home and remember forever.


We recommend you set up a cleaning and disinfecting station at the entrance and throughout your house and backyard for all of your guests to use. Gloves, antibacterial gel, disinfecting wipes, face masks, and social distancing are some things that shouldn’t go missing. It is important to consult and be mindful of specific measures issued by your local and state government for celebrations and social events.


Look out for resources that you already have. For example, if your garden has many trees, you can place lamps and lights on the branches if there is a pool or fountain, place floating candles, flowers, petals, or elements that match your wedding theme.

Nature is a very important element for any garden wedding. Go for simple flowers, plants, and candle arrangements on the tables. Rustic and vintage styles that evoke nature are ideal for decorating a backyard. Look out for DIY ideas on Pinterest. There’s a lot you can do with very little.


Weather conditions can sometimes cause some uncertainty depending on where you live. So be alert to any weather changes. If your house has a covered backyard, then you’re all good! Otherwise, it would be good to acquire a tent service that allows you to rent out last minute.

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