girl takes a selfie in a field Who would have thought we’d all be carrying around powerful cameras in our pockets? These days you can whip out your phone to take photos and videos of just about anything. While that convenience can come in handy, there are certain times when hiring a professional photographer makes more sense. Even if it comes with the added expense. If you find yourself saying any of the following, it may be time to go with a pro instead of trying to DIY.

 ‘I Need to Sell My Home...Fast!’

Think listing photos don’t really matter? If you’re putting a home on the market soon, you may want to think again. That’s because more people than ever are buying houses without ever having stepped foot inside of them. So how are they viewing those houses? They’re making their decisions solely based on, you guessed it, listing photos, virtual tours, and online showings!

All of this to say that if you want to sell your home faster and for more profit, you need to have professional photos taken. Pros know how to get all the angles right to showcase your home! If you are working with an agent, he/she can coordinate professional photos. But, if you’re set on a DIY sale with DIY photos, here are some tips from pros that may help.

‘I Want to Host an Event to Remember!’

Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party, the best way to have guests remember your big day is to hire a professional photographer! Better yet, think of going with a 360 photo booth experience they aren’t likely to forget. Studio Z specializes in photo experiences that are guaranteed to “wow” attendees, and event images that simply cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Another perk to hiring a pro? You and your guests won’t have to worry about missing out on magical moments because you’re trying to score the perfect selfie or photo! Even if you are just planning a mini celebration, a professional photographer can capture those memories for you.

‘I Want to Impress My Boss and/or Clients.’

This one may give you pause. That’s because when you think about advancing your career, you may not think about photography. However, if you are using LinkedIn or have a professional website, your profile pics are more than just photos. They’re marketing materials! If you want to ensure you’re making the right impression, you should spring for professional photos.

If you’re in charge of events for your company or business, you could really knock the socks off of your boss and guests with an interactive photo booth. For corporate events, Studio Z can even wrap photo booths in custom vinyl to blend in and keep your event on brand.

“I Want to Showcase My Products Online”

Business owners should take note of this one! You may be able to get away with DIY product photos for a little while. But if you really want your business to succeed, you’re going to need those images to look as polished and professional as possible. That’s why so many successful businesses turn to pros for their marketing needs. Even food photography can be crucial!

Studio Z’s one-of-a-kind camera array is another service you can use to market your products and services. You’ll be able to create cutting edge and creative images that will leave your customers and social media followers fully impressed. Not ready to spring for professional photos? Use these pointers to take quality photos on your own until you are able to.

Look, there’s nothing wrong at all with capturing everyday moments with your phone. In fact, any professional photographer would encourage you to do so! But when you have something important coming up, whether it’s selling a home, getting married or hosting a corporate event, you should think twice about DIY.

Hiring a pro like Studio Z will give you quality images and more time to enjoy your moments!

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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