A Photo Booth Case Study

Studio Z + Estee Lauder

Welcome to Studio Z’s case study series. This is our second feature. I’m sure Estee Lauder needs no introduction, but you might be surprised to hear just how often they use photo booths in their product strategy!

We started working with Estee Lauder Companies (ELC) shortly after we did an event for another beauty brand called Becca. ELC actually acquired Becca later that year and brought us in to be the photo booth at a celebration of that acquisition. They didn’t know that we’d worked with Becca before, but it was a great coincidence.

a group of employees posing in a photo booth for estee lauder


Studio Z’s relationship with ELC started in October 2016 when we were able to provide a booth for their Becca acquisition party

They wanted something commemorating the acquisition of a new brand and needed it to be fun, but still maintain the prestige look and feel that The Estée Lauder Companies is known for.


Being a luxury brand means that a photo booth has to bring an element of class, rather than just an element of fun, to any event or celebration. 

ELC looks to Studio Z because of a history of successful deliveries, and we’ve now worked with many of their 35 different brands!



Global Employees

Internal Events

We’ve done office openings, internal meetings, and branching out of NYC, we supported their North America Field Conference 2019 in Florida. They leased 3 selfie kiosks from us, and had a custom backdrop made for each of them. We set them up and they were used at various locations around the resort they held the conference at.

Office Openings

ELC mainly uses our booths with glam filters to match their luxury status, so we are trying to bring unique ideas to backdrops and setups to keep the excitement alive and ensure every office is celebrated with some local flair. 

Charity Support

We always look forward to helping charity initiatives. We work extensively on the Breast Cancer Campaign that ELC uses to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

They will bring our photo booth into their offices for the day for staff to take a photo with a pink ribbon drawn on their hand and then donate based on people liking and sharing those photos on social. Many people don’t know it, but Evelyn Lauder, Estee’s daughter in law, actually co-created the pink ribbon symbol in 1992!

two employees pose in estee lauder photo booth in san francisco

More than a vendor

We reached out to Jessica Morin, the NYC based Assistant Manager, Corporate Affairs and Global Communications. She’s been our partner on many ELC events, and she shared the following insight:

“We always appreciate when we get great written feedback from participants, and of course, the number of photos we receive at the end of the day is a great indication of sentiment. However, when it comes to this type of activation, the best measurement is the feeling of the room. If people are happy, and they’re flocking to the booth and waiting in line, that’s always a good sign.”

To end on another quote from our friend Jess, “We worked with Studio Z originally by chance, but have continued to work with them by choice. The last thing I want to worry about when there are 500 components to an event, is the reliability of a vendor. I know that Studio Z will manage every aspect of the process, from backdrop, to prop curation, to print templates, filters, etc. The photos always come out in excellent quality, which allows us to use them for evergreen content across our channels. They are turned over SUPER quickly, which is always important to us.

Most importantly, Studio Z took the time to understand our business, and our processes, our offices, and that makes all the difference. They have an incredibly small footprint and travel light, which means less hassle on both ends, They are a wonderful business with a big heart that has been extremely flexible and always entertains our crazy requests! We are grateful for their partnership.”

I’m excited to share more of our partner’s stories with you here, so stay tuned for additional stories each month! Make sure to follow us on Insta to see the events in real time, and please contact us if you’d like to discuss the ways Studio Z can help you execute your goals.

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